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As St. Louis’ longtime tree service experts, we know that kudzu can easily grow out of control without proper maintenance and care! The irritating vine was imported to the southeastern United States in the late 19th century, and has been growing like wildfire ever since! It’s important to completely get rid of kudzu on your property. Kudzu blocks out sunlight that is necessary for healthy growth because if it’s left to grow wildly, kudzu will kill any healthy trees and plants growing nearby.

  • We kill kudzu at the root crown, the elusive part of the vine that stimulates growth. Only trained professionals like our St. Louis tree company knows how to swiftly find the root crown and kill it to prevent continued expansion.
  • Our team uses only the most effective and professional equipment on kudzu removal jobs – your property will thank us!
  • After we’ve eradicated kudzu from your property, we’ll work to nurse the surviving trees and plants back to health. This can include tree trimming or if necessary, tree removal.

Our St. Louis, Missouri tree company knows how to properly get rid of kudzu to ensure that it does not come back. There is a proper kudzu removal method that amateur tree service companies simply aren’t skilled at, and that’s what makes us the city’s preferred tree services company!

Full-Service Kudzu Removal in St. Louis, MO

Our tree service company in St. Louis, MO is the most affordable, dependable and courteous in the area! In addition to professional kudzu removal, our company provides a wide range of services to keep your commercial or residential property looking its best:

Let us provide be your expert provider of a full range of tree services! Our St. Louis, MO tree company has been serving the community for many years, and we take special pride in our reputation as being the area’s best tree company!

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Our kudzu removal and tree service area spans greater St. Louis, MO including Florissant, Chesterfield, University City, Oakville and many others! Contact us at any time for your complimentary service estimate!


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