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Trees with weakened, dead or decaying limbs are a safety hazard. A strong gust of wind can send debris and branches flying into your property, making expensive damages. Avoid the cost and risk with our high quality tree trimming and pruning services! We’ve been providing expert care to St. Louis’ trees for many years, and we’re the trusted experts for preventative tree maintenance!

Amateur tree companies will mar your tree’s beauty, and their costly mistakes can take years off of your tree’s life. Don’t risk this important task with amateur companies! Trust our years of service and expertise for your St. Louis, MO trimming and pruning needs!

Our Trimming and Pruning Process

Our tree trimming service and tree pruning is a delicate process necessary to maintain your tree’s healthy lifespan. Proper pruning can make your tree a healthy habitat for St. Louis’ wildlife, or ensure that your fruit trees produce a bountiful harvest! Here’s a further look into our tree pruning process, which is available for both residential and commercial properties:

  • We’ll fully examine your trees’ health, age, root system and height before taking off any branches or limbs.
  • We’ll take off the most damaged areas of your tree first, making sure we leave enough limbs and branches on to restore the tree’s health.
  • We’ll strip away damaged bark and will also inspect the soil surrounding the tree.

Once your tree has been pruned, our team of St. Louis, MO tree service professionals can help you determine the best regimen for keeping your trees healthy. This may include a recommendation for regular tree removal, shrub removal, kudzu removal and more.

You can get started with your St. Louis tree trimming and pruning service by getting a complimentary estimate! Your estimate will thoroughly detail exactly what your service will entail, such as:

  • Budget
  • Project Timeframe
  • Equipment We’ll Use
  • Your Property’s Specific Needs

Our St. Louis tree company has years of expertise to give you safe, thorough and efficient tree trimming and pruning service! Trust us to be your full-service tree care partner for life!

Contact us at any time to obtain a complimentary, no-obligation service estimate. We are available by phone at (314) 881-8334, or by completing the form to your right. You can also reach us via e-mail at

Our service area spans greater St. Louis, MO including Florissant, Chesterfield, University City, Oakville and many others! Contact us at any time for your complimentary service estimate!


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